Aaron Chase and His Arch CB7 Wheelset

Aaron Chase and His Arch CB7 Wheelset

Aaron Chase is known for epic stunts, wild lines, and killer films to capture it. Having been a professional athlete for over 10 years, Aaron has competed in some of the craziest events in the world and continues to remain on the cutting edge of the sport of mountain biking. He's as comfortable being the talent in a film as he is producing it. Aaron had some fun on his Arch CB7 wheelset and lets us know why he chooses to run this particular setup.

Stan's NoTubes: After watching the video above, it's quite clear that you don't have a fear of heights. What feature, trail, or trick have you been most intimidated by as a professional athlete?

Aaron Chase: I've been riding “one-off” stunts on my bike for over 20 years now, so if the trail has a name, I'm usually not afraid... usually :)

SNT: Having been involved with the sport of mountain biking for a while now, what is the most impressive thing you're seeing out of today's up and coming riders?

AC: I always love seeing how far riders are willing to push themselves and the risks that people are willing to take. Jumping over a train, doing a loop or a double backflip is pretty “par for the course” now. CRAZY!

SNT: Having been a star in freeride mountain bike films as well as a producer and editor, which do you find harder and why?

AC: Each roll has its challenges. Freeride film stars surely carry a lot of risk on every project we do. Producing and editing is rewarding too but consists mostly of tedious work and compromise to get to the finish line. I would much rather ride in a video than produce one.

SNT: What other riders have influenced your riding style throughout your career?

AC: Way too many to list, but let's go for it, in no particular order; Van Holman, Cedric Gracia, Cam McCaul, Bearclaw, Goldman, Voreis, Seth Enslow, Adam Hauck, Lenosky, NWD crew, DH Productions Crew, Kyle Ebbett, and so many others...

SNT: Who would make the invite list for your all-time group ride?

AC: I've had countless “Dream Group Rides” in my career, but here is the quick list right now: Cam McCaul, Lenosky, Hauck, GR, Pastrana, Ebbett, and my son. Now that would be a fun ride to remember!