The First Name
in Tubeless

In 2001, Stan’s NoTubes developed a method to replace inner tubes with a liquid sealant to repair punctures instantly. With the removal of the inner tube, off-road riders also gained increased traction, control, and comfort.

Channelling knowledge accumulated from sealing conventional rims for tubeless use led the brand to develop its own line of rims and wheels explicitly designed for tubeless use. For over two decades, Stan’s NoTubes products have set entirely new performance standards while creating new product categories, redefining what others thought was possible.

Riders and racers around the world rely on the tubeless technology Stan developed, and our sealant has been honored as one of the most important innovations in the history of cycling.

“The First Name in Tubeless” is more than just marketing to us. It’s who we are. Today, our team continues to lead and innovate all aspects of tubeless technologies in our founder's name. 


Innovation will always be the driving force behind Stan’s NoTubes. Why? Because we ride bikes. We ride bikes to test our designs, refine them, and then test some more. But mostly we ride bikes for the ideas. Every innovative product we’ve created has started out as an idea we had while out on a ride. There’s something about riding a bike that makes you want to go even further the next time, even faster. There’s something about riding a bike that makes you push the limits. That’s our inspiration.


We've worked with athletes and racers since the early days of Stan's. At the 2004 Athens Summer Olympic games, German mountain bike athlete Sabine Spitz rode to a podium finish with our sealant and an early prototype rim featuring our now-patented BST technology. Whether it's a downhill racer at a World Cup event or a domestic gravel racer, we rely on their rider feedback and real-world testing to aid our product development process.


The work that goes into the trails we love from riders, stewards, and organizations is not lost on us. We value advocacy in all forms that support trails and the riders themselves, which is partially why we created the Connection Program. When Stan's riders register their wheels, they're given the ability to create a $10 donation from us to benefit the cause of their choice.