BIG FLATS, NY (May 11, 2020) - Stan’s NoTubes is proud to introduce The Stan’s Refresh, a weekly podcast covering all topics related to bikes and bike racing. Hosts Kenny Wehn and Adam Snyder interview athletes, mechanics, team managers, and industry insiders about bike news, rumors, and races from the past week. The Stan’s Refresh is an inside look at the bike industry, racing, and the people who make it all happen.

In addition to interviews, each week Wehn and Snyder will be answering tech emails and hotline questions from listeners and delivering a good Dad joke or two.

Hosts Wehn and Snyder are industry veterans. As Athlete Media and Relations Manager for Stan’s, Wehn brings over 30 years of experience racing, managing teams, and doing tech support. Wehn is the Dad of the podcasting duo, providing technical knowledge, subdued humor, and all-purpose wisdom. Stan’s Western Tech and Event Representative, Snyder, brings the enthusiasm, along with his own years of racing experience as an ex-pro and his own set of tech rep skills.

The Stan’s Refresh is available to download or stream for free from almost anywhere you can get podcasts including Apple podcast, Stitcher, Spotify, iheartRadio, Overcast, Pocket Cast, Castro, Castbox, and RSS. The first two episodes are available now, and new weekly episodes will be released each Monday at 8:00 am Eastern. Why launch a podcast now?

“The new podcast offers one more way for Stan’s to be a part of the riding community, with so many events on hold right now, we felt it was even more important to find new ways to stay connected with riders out there and to share some stories, knowledge, and hopefully some laughs.”
-Kenny Wehn
“The podcast allows people to interact with Stan’s in a different and more personal format, it’s a great way to inform people about race news, offer more unique race coverage, and present in-depth interviews with fascinating personalities, but we really want this to be interactive, too, so everyone is welcome to submit questions or ideas.”
-Adam Snyder

Submit your questions and ideas to Wehn and Snyder by calling (607) 562-2878 or emailing