These videos demonstrate proper use, best practices, and tips for using the DART repair tool for tubeless.


What makes the DART tool different from other plug kits?

While most plug kits are modified or scaled-down versions of car and motorcycle products, the DART was designed from the ground up as a bicycle-specific tool. Rather than wedging a hard rubber strip into the tire, the DART uses a flexible fabric that conforms to the shape of the puncture. The Darts are also treated with a catalyst that reacts with the sealant to instantly create an airtight seal. This design lets you seal cuts and punctures easily on the tread as well as in the sidewall of the tire, a place where other plugs often fall short.

Can I use the DART with another brand's sealant?

The DART was developed for use with Stan’s Sealant, but will react to some extent with any tubeless sealant that uses latex as a base.

Do I need to trim the DART after the puncture is sealed?

No, the feather material is soft and pliable enough that it does not interfere with the tire and trimming is not necessary.

What is the hole on the base of the DART tool handle?

There is a valve core remover integrated into the DART tool, allowing you to add more sealant without carrying a dedicated valve tool.