Behind the Scenes: Kyle Strait's 'I’ll Have Another' Video Shoot

Behind the Scenes: Kyle Strait's 'I’ll Have Another' Video Shoot

To say that Kyle Strait is a fan of the high desert riding of Virgin, Utah is an understatement. When he decided to film I'll Have Another, his most recent video project for Commencal Bikes, there was one location that immediately jumped to the top of the list. We feel that it's worth sending a photographer anytime that Kyle decides to get sendy, and that is exactly what we did. Chris Wellhausen was onsite and behind the lens to capture these behind the scenes photos from Kyle Strait's latest edit. He had this to say about his experience:

"Standing on the faces of the Red Bull Rampage venue is an exciting feeling in its own right, but to be there with one of your mtb heroes for a series of days provides a stoke that fuels many of fires. Shortly following the Strait Acres Invitational, I found myself on a mission out to Virgin, Utah to meet up with Kyle Strait and a few friends. As a photographer open to spontaneous opportunities, I feel incredibly fortunate that I was able to witness the raw process unveiled of how Kyle approaches these gigantic faces with all the factors that can come into play. Seeing the strength, calmness, talent, and precision in how he carries himself on and off the bike is beyond impressive. It was a major motivator to scale these faces along with him to document the experience." -Chris Wellhausen

There is something special about catching the sunrise on the morning of a big shoot.

The drive into the shoot's venue would be considered a destination for most people.

Kyle Strait and Cam Zink have been buddies for a long time. They often tag-team projects.

Kyle takes a moment to compose himself before things get rowdy.



Simple backflip? Nah, Kyle needs to throw a seat grab in to spice it up.

The sun begins to set on a long day of shooting.

If Kyle rides in Virgin, Utah, and doesn't send a suicide no-hander, did it really happen?