DART Tales: DART Tire Repair Tools Saves Emily and Kerry Werner's Trans-Sylvania Epic

DART Tales: DART Tire Repair Tools Saves Emily and Kerry Werner's Trans-Sylvania Epic

The Trans-Sylvania Epic is a 5-day mountain bike stage race hosted in the mountains of central Pennsylvania. Racers face classic East Coast trails filled with roots, mud, and certainly a lot of rocks. 2022 marks the 11th edition of the event, and Stan's tubeless products have been helping riders navigate successfully through the raw singletrack since year one. Running Stan's tubeless tire sealant has always been considered a must when prepping for TSE, but this year, the DART tubeless tire repair tool proved a life saver for Emily and Kerry Werner. Both riders were in the mix to bring home the GC titles when they suffered untimely flats during Stage 2. Thankfully, they were racing with DART tools and were able to get their tires plugged, aired back up, and continue racing without losing too much time. At the end of the week, Kerry took the win and Emily came in second. Keep reading to see what they had to say about their mid-race experiences with their DART tools.

Photos by Trans-Sylvania Epic & Icon Media Asheville

"I flatted on stage two when I hit a rock really hard pinching the tire at the bead and cutting the tread. I had a DART loaded on each side of the tool and quickly popped them both in. I aired it up with the CO2 and was back on my way. Not only did it hold for the rest of the ride, but I ripped the Enduro section and placed second to put more time into Caleb which ultimately helped me walk down the GC."

-Kerry Werner

"On stage 2 I was so disappointed to flat in the same spot I did 9 years ago. I had never used the DART before and was so impressed with how easy it was to use and how well it worked! I added air with a CO2 and it held. The whole process was so fast and smooth. It was so much quicker than when I had to put a tube in 9 years ago! The DART kept me in the fight for the overall GC."

-Emily Werner