Connor Hamilton's been riding for Wide Open Distributors for a little over a year now. He's dealt with a few injuries, bounced back and is more than ready for 2020. Take a look at Connor's new ride and his mindset rolling into the new year.

Photos and interview by Wide Open Distributors. Wide Open Distributors: What does the morning of an event look like for Connor Hamilton?

Connor Hamilton: A bowl of porridge or two and some good music. Just keep it very chill. WO: What do you enjoy most about competing in events?

CH: I enjoy riding my bike with my mates having a good time. Getting to push my skills and speed to the limits is something I am constantly striving for. CH: How do you feel about being back on the bike?

WO: I have really enjoyed the challenge of pushing my own limits but just being on my bike is something that never gets old. WO: How’s the new bike going?

CH: I’m pretty stoked on the new rig. We have only had two dates but they seemed to have gone really well. WO: What does life beyond bikes look like for Connor Hamilton?

CH: I play touch a couple of evenings a week and try to get to the gym the rest of the days.