Our mission is to make every ride even better. That means further, faster, and flat free, and nothing makes us happier than hearing from a customer whose ride was saved by Stan's. Got a great story? Tag it #savedbystans and let us know about it! John V. from California recently took the time to send us these photos and tell us his story. It's just one example of the many stories we hear from our customer's about Stan's products living up to our reputation and making every ride even better.

"I went tubeless on my new high-end MTB a year ago. While I’ve replaced the Stan’s quarterly, I haven’t had a puncture (that I know about) and didn’t honestly know if the Stan’s would work – until this weekend. When I got home from a ride, there was a serious bent nail in my tire." image006 "I could see that Stan’s had sealed around the edges such that I didn’t notice the puncture until I saw it at home. I measured the tire air pressure with the nail in then removed the nail with pliers. In under 5 seconds the hole was sealed." image007 "I then measured the tire air pressure again – it has only lost 2 psi. Needless to say, I’m a believer and life-long Stan’s fan!"

Thanks again for writing, John!


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