Shop Profile: SpokeX Bike Co.

Shop Profile: SpokeX Bike Co.

SpokeX Bike Co. may be relatively new to the custom wheel building game, but they've already made a name for themselves by shipping wheels throughout the country and partnering with many of the premier wheel component companies. Stan's is proud to be one of the most popular choices of SpokeX Bike Co.'s customers. Based out of Temecula California, they're quite familiar with abuse that wheels can sustain while lapping the lift at bike parks, DH shuttles, or all-day adventures on the trail. Take a minute to check out our interview with Hunter Savoy the founder of SpokeX.

By the way, we've partnered with Spoke X and Onyx Racing to offer up a custom wheelset for free! Click here to learn how to enter. Contest ends on September 24 at 6pm PST.

Stan's NoTubes: What makes your shop stand out?

Hunter Savoy: I think what makes us stand out from other shops is our attention to detail from start to finish. When a customer reaches out to start a wheel build, bike build, or buys any product from us we make sure that they get all of their questions answered in detail. We treat them with respect and guide them through the many options available when ordering something like a wheelset. The shop manager and I are known to hand out our cell phone numbers and respond at any time of the day which gives this process a very personal feel. With our wheels, this is really where I think we shine. I always loved customizing the wheels on my bike starting at the decals and moving all the way into the actual spoke colors. We decided to start experimenting with powder coating and perfected it. That allows us to offer a wide variety of colors and customizing options that you really don't get otherwise.

SNT: Talk to us more about the customer experience you're delivering.

HS: We want to create a platform where customers can walk through the ordering process seamlessly and in an informative way. We are constantly working on our site to help facilitate this but our phones are always on to help people chose what they are looking for! A lot of our customers end up becoming friends of the shop and our goal has always been to create and build community! We sponsor a youth race team that is always growing and has coaches and tons of support for kids that are juggling school and a race schedule. The wheelset giveaway has been another awesome way for us to give back to the community and try to engage with the people that support us! We started in a garage and do everything we can to remain grateful for all the support we have received. Currently, we are redesigning our showroom and are adding a coffee bar to foster the biking community.

SNT: What Stan’s rims are most commonly used in your custom wheel builds and why?

HS: I would say the Stans Flow EX3 is hands down the most popular rim we sell in the shop. The short sidewall, strength, and profile of the rim is absolutely incredible for a strong durable wheel build that will stand up to the long-term abuse of dh, enduro and trail riding. We also love being able to customize the decals. Stans has always been our go-to selection for hoops and we love building with them. You can always tell a good rim apart by the truing process and they are always a smooth build.

SNT: What percentage of your customers do you estimate to run tubeless setups?

HS: I would say over 90% of our customers run tubeless and if they don't they usually are converting when we build them a new wheelset! This is definitely something we push to our customers!

SNT: What industry trends are you seeing, especially among your customers?

HS: We are seeing people put a lot more thought into their wheels. One thing we have noticed during the pandemic with everyone outdoors and riding more often is tons of broken spokes, cracked hoops, and folded wheels. Everyone wants to know how to increase the longevity of their wheels and a lot of it does come down to maintenance, but we firmly believe having a hand-built wheel is a game-changer for mountain bikers. A lot of the trends that we have seen this year had more to do with what was available than anything else, but I have seen a huge uptick in brake upgrades and our biggest seller at the shop right now is definitely TRP they did a great job with their DHR-Evo brakes and 2.3 rotors are definitely trending in our area.

SNT: What's been the most challenging part of navigating the COVID product shortage for SpokeX?

HS: COVID has almost taken us out a few times and it has nothing to do with actual sales. Our sales are up 2-10% each month and we are continuing to grow rapidly. This is purely an inventory issue and everyone is experiencing it. Having to plan anywhere between 3-8 months of sales in advance and then ordering that much product in one sitting is definitely scary for a new shop, but we also have adapted to ordering in covid and running a business in covid and have found a way to keep the sales moving and wheelsets rolling out the door in under 2 weeks sometimes even a few days, but mainly keeping people stoked!

Rules and Regulations

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DISCLAIMER: The prize wheelset will be Matte Black Onyx Vespers, boost spacing, (15x110 / 12x148),ISO, XD driver laced Stans Flow MK4 hoops (29er), 32 custom turquoise spokes, and 32 black spokes, orange nipples on the turquoise spokes, and turquoise nipples on the black spokes.

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