While we love when our products quietly do what they're supposed to, prevent flats and seal punctures, we don't want you to forget what life was like before tubeless. Early adopters of tubeless have been enjoying the benefits of removing tubes from their tires for nearly 20 years. Today many of us can survive a race, big gravel adventure or even an entire summer of riding, without suffering a single flat tire. But there was a time when flat tires routinely cost a rider a race win or ended an otherwise legendary ride. Stan's has been there since the beginning and remains a driving force behind the standardization and development of today's tubeless technology, but one thing never gets old for us: saving a ride. The start of the 2019 race season has been one of the most successful ever for our athletes. We'd like to take a look at three specific results that would not have been possible without our sealant silently working on our racer's behalf. Russell Finsterwald, Quinn Simmons and Ben Sonntag were all thankful that they'd topped off their sealant before heading to the start line--and Stan's sealant saved their efforts.

Russell Finsterald becomes US Marathon National Champion

"Stan's saves the day again! While cleaning my bike after winning marathon nationals, I noticed a stick had punctured my tire and was STILL lodged in it. Luckily it stayed sealed and didn't compromise my race at all!" -Russell Finsterwald, after becoming the 2019 US Marathon National Champion

Quinn Simmons sets new record on the White Rim Trail

“I’ve used Stan's for 5 years now, trusting it for all kinds of races and events. Whether it's Paris-Roubaix or the White Rim Trail, I won’t start a ride without it!” -Quinn Simmons, after breaking the White Rim Trail course record

Ben Sonntag survives a nail through the tire to save his Solder Hollow Stage Race Effort

"During the XCO I collected a big nail in my rear tire, but it wasn’t until after the finish that I noticed it. We did a quick pressure check and there was only 1 psi difference from the start of the race to the finish. Stan’s Race Sealant did its job and I basically didn’t even notice." -Ben Sonntag, after surviving what could have been a race-ending puncture