Strait Acres Slalom Invitational: Collin Hudson's Hot Lap POV Footage

Strait Acres Slalom Invitational: Collin Hudson's Hot Lap POV Footage

Our own Collin Hudson brought home top honors and $1,000 at the Strait Acres Slalom Invitational's hot lap challenge. Commencal Bikes offered up a cash preme to compliment our best scrub contest, full story available here, and together we added some excitement to Friday's practice session. Take a look at the video below to see what it took to put down the fastest time.

Stan's NoTubes: Congratulations on taking the fastest time in the hot lap challenge at the Strait Acres Invitational. Can you explain the "jam session" format and how it impacts how you approach each run?

Collin Hudson: Jam sessions are wild - basically, we had 3 tries to put down our fastest lap and see if we could make one stick. With $1,000 on the line and it only being a 30-second race, we sort of just had to go all in. My approach was to try to get one “clean” run, on the first go, then go absolutely all out 2nd and 3rd lap. I blew it (made a mistake) on the 2nd go, so it all came down to my 3rd run.

SNT: In a game of milliseconds, what do you to before each run to try and fully focus on what's to come?

CH: Honestly, even though the racing was so tight, I made sure to be calm and not push too hard. There was a section in the middle of the track that had a really hard, flat right-handed corner. I backed off there and made sure to attack in the easy places and it worked well.

SNT: What is the craziest thing you thought about spending your prize money on?

CH: Well on the road trip with the guys, we had come to the fact that I’d never gambled before while driving through Vegas. We made some jokes about if Ross, myself, or Cameron (other racers) had won any sort of money, we had to put 1/2 of it on black on the way home. They were poking me to put the money on black the whole way up until Vegas, but I got scared and paid off $1,000 worth of student loans instead! Haha