Strait Acres Slalom Invitational: Scrub Analysis

Strait Acres Slalom Invitational: Scrub Analysis

If you gather some of the best mountain bikers in the world, offer $1,000 for the best scrub, and put a photographer on the backside of a roller, you are guaranteed some incredible photos. That's exactly what we did. Stan's NoTubes ponied up a cash preme for the best scrub at the Straight Acres Invitational. The riders judged themselves and Jonathan Simek came out on top! We caught up with Jonathon to ask a few quick questions.

Stan's NoTubes: So now that you won the Superbowl, I mean Straight Acres Invitational Scrub Off, where will you be heading next?

Jonathan Simek: Actually though! First pro event I’ve been able to ride in and to win the scrub off is an insane feeling! As for what’s next I’m pretty unsure, I’m no professional athlete just a guy that rides bikes out of San Diego. Hopefully this Straight Acres event will open doors to future events for me. In the meantime I’ll keep doing what I’m doing, riding every day and having fun!

SNT: You look pretty comfortable getting sideways, what's your background on two wheels look like?

JS: I grew up racing bmx for a few years from when I was 9 to 13 years old. I then quit racing and started dirt jumping from there on. I tried racing downhill when I was 16 but I never was that good and kinda just gave up on it. Since then I’ve just ridden what makes me happy which has mainly been dirt jumps. This year though I got my first trail bike and road bike and have been absolutely loving it. I think having the diversity of all cycling helps contribute to your abilities on a bike. But nothing helps more with getting sideways than practice and repetition. There’s nothing better than the feeling of getting side ways!

SNT: Can you provide a one-sentence tip or trick on how to scrub better?

JS: There’s definitely a lot that goes into it and one sentence might be hard haha. A lot of it is your positioning off the lip. I carve off the lip and compress my suspension. As my suspension starts to release back and I begin to unweight I lean the bike over and let my tires slide. Then once my front tire leaves the lip I turn my bars to flick out the back end. Hope that helps!