Collin Hudson | Surprisingly Decent

Collin Hudson | Surprisingly Decent

Stan's own Collin Hudson shows that his skills are useful on and off the pump track. Finishing second at the 2019 RedBull Pump Track World Championships, Collin's been a busy guy since. Racing BMX bikes, downhill rigs, and some dual slalom, he continues to prove that he's one of the most versatile riders out there. We're pumped to have him on our wheels. #onlystans

Videos and photos by Stephen T. Smith

Stan's NoTubes: So you and Tommy Zula are great friends who have had more than a few races come down to inches. What's it like having such a close friend that seems to manage to always get the best of you?

Collin Hudson: Ouch! haha. It’s frustrating, he’s one of my best friends out there and I love racing with him. It always comes down to margins at the finish line and I think it makes us both be better athletes since neither of us wants to lose to the other.

SNT: What's your favorite Crankworx event?

CH: My favorite event is probably pump track. The racing is always so tight and it’s so unpredictable without a chain. It truly shows who is the best bike rider around, since every bit of speed is generated from movement on the bike.

SNT: How would you feel about a US-based dual-slalom series?

CH: I think the US is overdue for a national slalom style championship. I think slalom is the most spectator-friendly event because everybody can watch, everybody understands the format and it’s the most exciting format of racing. I think it’d be a good gateway for BMXers to get into mountain bikes, and a great stepping stone for new cyclists to get into mountain biking.

SNT: What is your favorite wheel size?

CH: My favorite do it all wheel size would be 27.5. It allows for so much diversity - slalom, jumps, trail riding, park, etc… But what I ride the most actually is 26 and my dirt jumper/slope bike!