Flow CB7 Front Wheel
Flow CB7 Front Wheel
Flow CB7 Front Wheel
Flow CB7 Front Wheel
Flow CB7 Front Wheel
Flow CB7 Front Wheel
Flow CB7 Front Wheel
Flow CB7 Front Wheel

Flow CB7 Front Wheel


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The Flow CB7 wheelset lets you ride with more speed and confidence on descents without sacrificing climbing ability. When you're looking for an upgrade that will make an immediate improvement in your riding from the very first pedal stroke, the Flow CB7 wheelset is your choice.

The asymmetric design of the Flow CB7 rim allows for offset spokes, creating a stronger overall wheel, and Stan's patented Bead Socket Technology (BST) ensures easy tubeless inflation and reliability. Asymmetric rims usually struggle to inflate easily and maintain a reliable seal on both sides of the rim. But Stan's BST asymmetric rims equalize pressure for easy inflation and total ride confidence under even the hardest cornering. Flow CB7 carbon rims rely on Stan's RiACT, or radial impact absorbing carbon technology to create a superior ride that actually absorbs vibrations. Unlike lesser carbon rims that ride stiff and transfer impacts and vibration to the suspension and rider, the Flow CB7 is able to deflect radially to help prevent pinch flats, roll faster and feel better. The RiACT rim shape, combined with the added bracing angle strength of the Flow CB7’s asymmetrical drilling, also maintains excellent lateral stiffness and strength.

M-pulse hubs at the heart of the Flow CB7 wheelset combine near instantaneous 1.66° engagement with the light action and more positive lock of magnetic pawls. Unlike traditional pawl springs that are at their weakest when fully engaged and add friction and resistance when not engaged, the magnetic pawls of M-pulse hubs are at their strongest point when engaged, while offering much less drag when not engaged. M-pulse hubs also feature preload adjustment, because a tuned hub offers less drag and bearing wear than hubs that aren't adjustable. Designed and manufactured in Bend, Oregon by Project321, M-pulse freehubs are available for Shimano Micro Spline and HG as well as SRAM XDR cassettes, and are offered in all common axle sizes.

Flow CB7 wheelsets are covered under Stan's Connection program, which not only supports you with a generous crash replacement program and a 7-year carbon rim Warranty, but also supports your trails and the riding causes you support. Register your Flow CB7 wheelset, and Stan's will donate $10 to the cycling-related trail or advocacy organization of your choice. It takes more than great wheels to enjoy the ride, and the Connection program is here to support the trails and programs that make riding possible for all of us.

The Flow CB7 wheelset with M-pulse hubs is light, strong, and ready to let you ride faster and more confident than ever.


  • BST-Asymmetric design combines Stan’s legendary easy tubeless inflation with a stronger, more balanced wheel build
  • Low-profile 29mm internal width optimizes tire shape, traction, and control for 2.3-2.6” tires
  • M-pulse ultra-low drag magnetic pawl adjustable hubs with 1.66° engagement and adjustable preload
  • Carbon RiACT rim shape maximizes radial compliance while resisting lateral flex to absorb impacts, roll faster, and increase control
  • Enduro sealed bearings for long life and easy service
  • Custom build options and decal colors
  • Available in all popular axle configurations
  • Available in Shimano Micro Spline, HG, and SRAM XDR, 6-bolt and Centerlock, with options to fit most axle widths
  • Tubeless ready with rim tape and valves installed
  • Connection program includes crash replacement coverage, 7-year carbon rim Warranty, and $10 donation to trail maintenance or advocacy group of your choice

Flow CB7 wheels include pre-installed tape for tubeless use and presta valves.

Three times stiffer than our aluminum rims laterally, but absorbs radial impacts to withstand bigger hits and roll faster.

Bead Socket Technology (BST) is a patented rim shape, developed by Stan's NoTubes, that led to today's widely adopted "tubeless-ready" rim designs. Still the world's most advanced airtight system for tubeless bicycle rims and tires, BST creates an easier to use, safer, and more secure interface between your rim and tire.

BST-Asymmetric rims combine Stan's patented Bead Socket Technology--the original and still most reliable tubeless-ready rim design--with an asymmetric shape that allows for offset spokes, creating a stronger overall wheel.

Our WideRight profile increases tire volume without negatively affecting tread shape or sidewall height.

M-pulse hubs offer near instantaneous engagement, a more secure and positive lock when engaged, and very low drag for less rolling resistance.